About Zelman

We’re the group behind Goodman, Burger & Lobster and Beast. We do a few things really well: meat, drinks and nice people! Zelman Meats is a modern day, easier steak restaurant named in honour of our boss, Misha Zelman (who you may find cooking from time to time).

Our first restaurant in a Soho alleyway was born out of our somewhat less successful fish restaurant, Rex & Mariano! We went back to what we know and fired up a wood grill, the Zelman Smoker and got in some slightly bizarre artwork from Butch Anthony in Alabama (@museumofwonder).
Now you can expect cocktails, craft beer, inventive wine options and plenty of beef.

We like low-lit, comfortable places with great tunes and decent people so you can get the most out of your brisket/Syrah/1936 beer! Expect more interesting bars and restaurants with this ethos, coming soon…

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